National Maritime Museum, Chatham Dockyard
National Maritime Museum, Chatham Dockyard

This tender was awarded to us by The National Maritime Museum (for the project at Chatham Dockyard) to design and supply a bespoke cantilever shelving system on mobile bases for the storage of ships models currently stored at their off-site store at Kidbrook.
The process involved reviewing the previous storage arrangements and then having close discussions with the client design team to ensure that our proposed solution met all their requirements.

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Some of the mobile bases were fitted with plan chests whilst others were fitted with a 5mm wire mesh spline for the storage of half ships hulls.
The shelves varied from 400mm deep to 1200mm deep and were tested to take a load of 150kg per linear metre.
Some of the bays of cantilever shelving holding delicate models were fitted with full length blinds with brush sealing to each face of the mobiles.
All runs had end panels to the front and the back (some of these were made to 4.2m high x 2.4m deep) and were dust sealed.
The job was installed in 2 phases - tracks were laid prior to screed and had to be protected during the floor laying process.Phase 2 was the mobile bases which were chain driven with reduction gearboxes.
The project was completed in August 2010 to the satisfaction of the museum. The system is now fully loaded and protecting these valuable models This project clearly demonstrates that we can work closely with our clients to achieve the exact storage solutions and to accommodate changing needs.

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