"Kess comes home"
WDCS exhibition at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery

Frank Showcase System acrylic case that is 3000mm x 750mm x 1100mm base height and 1525mm overall height. The display compartment comprises a Frank Europe acrylic 5-sided lid made from 8mm thick Plexiglas XT clear 20070. The case is constructed in two equal sized sections that are joined with low profile aluminium extrusions and a 100mm high reinforcing fin at the top.
The assembled acrylic lid is bonded to a steel frame with visible surfaces colour coated.
The table is made from steel with 6 legs, each fitted with a levelling screw to overcome any uneveness in the floor.
There are two Abloy security locks (one at each end) for securing the lid structure to the table.
There is a zf MDF display plate that is coated with dacrylate and wrapped with Baumann fabric.

Photograph reproduced with kind permission of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society